The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.

-Phil J


Emily Norton
Owner & Lead Designer

Alanna Pine
Planning & Coordinating Manager

Portraits by Maria Grace.

Team Members

Emily Norton
Owner; Lead Designer

Gayle Speed
Floral Operations Manager; Design Team Member

Romayne Byrum
Floral Designer; Design Team Member

Hallie Norton
Floral Designer; Design Team Member

Hannah Spain
Floral Designer; Artist; Design Team Member; Coordinating Team Member

Gilbert Brett
Floral Designer; Design Team Member; Coordinating Team Member 

Cheri DiMunno
Design Team Member

Danielle Babcheck
Special Event Coordinator

Tonya Zari
Office Manager; Design Team Member

Carolyn Moncus
Floral and Gift Shop Sales

Dewey Proctor
Delivery Driver

Beatrice Liggins


Alanna Pine
Coordinating Team Manager

 Ashley Whitesell
Coordinating Team Member

 Megan Duckwitz
Coordinating Team Member

Megan Matthews
Coordinating Team Member; Design Team Member

  Amber Lane
Coordinating Team Member; Design Team Member