Month of Coordinating

Here at The Main Event by Emily, we strive to provide impeccable customer service. As such, the list of services below is robust, but not all inclusive. Each couple is different, and we understand that. If there is something you are looking for that is not listed below, please feel free to reach out!

What we do before the wedding:

  1. Two 1-hour over-the-phone planning sessions with your Coordinator to discuss your wedding details and work on your timeline

    • One of these planning sessions can be substituted for a venue walk-through, if necessary

      • If we have not completed an event at your venue, we will not count your venue walk-through against your 2-hours

    • Need a bit more time with your Coordinator? Ask about our hourly rate! We want to make sure you get what you need and want from our team, so we offer the option to purchase additional hours.

  2. Contact via phone and email

    • Just as the name implies, this package is for services provided throughout the month leading up to the wedding. However, we know that you will have questions and need assistance outside of our two meetings. We are here to help! Just reach out to your Coordinator by phone, email, or text. We simply ask that you graciously understand that our turn times may be longer, as we direct most of our focus to couples who are in their ‘Month of’. The best part? We will provide you with a helpful wedding FAQ that answers our most commonly asked pre-‘Month of’ questions. You can also rest easy knowing that during your ‘Month of’, you’ll have our undivided attention!

  3. A personalized and detailed timeline/wedding binder for your event, created entirely by (or with, if you prefer) your Coordinator

    • This document is the be-all-end-all. It will contain all of your vendor and event information from your getting ready schedule, to your send-off, and everything in-between. If the information exists, it will be in this document!

    • We know what questions to ask and what red flags to look out for. Our knowledge and years of experience are at your disposal.

  4. Vendor relations

    • Basic timelines will be provided to each vendor based on their needs.

    • Vendor confirmations will be made prior to the event.

  5. Rehearsal services (1-hour maximum)

    • Your Coordinator will run your rehearsal to ensure everything goes smoothly. This includes instructing your friends and family on the processional order, how and where to stand, reminders for the wedding party, family, and officiant, recessional order, instructions on what to do and where to go following the ceremony, etc…

What we do the day of the wedding:

  1. Two Coordinators before, during, and after the wedding

    • Here at The Main Event by Emily, we truly believe that two are better than one. Your Coordinators will be on site beginning 2 hours prior to your wedding, and they will stay until the end of the event.

  2. Confirm your vendors are on schedule and fulfilling their obligations

    • There is no need to worry about whether your baker has dropped off your cake, or if your DJ has their equipment set up before the ceremony. We are in touch with vendors throughout the day to confirm that they have arrived and set up in a timely fashion.

  3. Ensure your wedding party is on schedule

    • The beauty of having two Coordinators is that one will be with you at all times, and the other will keep your fiance’s side of the wedding party on track. No need to worry about what they’re up to, or if they’re running behind. We’ve got both sides covered.

  4. Ensure everyone has everything they need

    • Need a bobby pin? Yep, we have them. Need a straw? We’ve got them, too. Super glue, hem tape, pliers, and a cork screw? No problem! Not only are we on site with you, but we bring an arsenal of tools and tricks we’ve picked up over the years. From jewelry repair supplies, to ribbon, and everything in-between, we’ve got you covered. No one wants to imagine what could go wrong on their wedding day, and with us, you don’t have to! We’ve repaired glasses for a mother-of-the-bride, sewn bridesmaids and flower girls into their dresses, re-wrapped bouquets, and so much more. Our goal is to fix the problem before you even have a chance to worry about it.

  5. Pass bouquets and pin corsages and boutonnieres

    • Pinning a boutonniere/corsage may seem easy, but it takes a good bit of practice. Placement is key for good pictures, and lucky for you, we are experts! If you’re wondering just how difficult it can be, try pinning a corsage onto a high-necked mother-of-the-bride dress covered in lace. Trust me, you’ll wish we were there!

  6. Greet and direct guests as needed

    • As your guests arrive, we will let them know where to go and where to put the gifts and cards. We will also offer a friendly reminder to sign the guest book.

  7. Line the wedding party up, and cue them down the aisle

    • We also offer lots of last-minute reminders to make sure nobody forgets the rings, vows, or where they’re going. That hair tie on your wrist? We will take that, please. That cell phone in your pocket? Yes, we will keep it safe for you during the ceremony. It’s impossible for couples to monitor everyone at all times, and that is where we come in!

  8. Assist your photography team during pictures

    • You would be amazed by how much quicker pictures can be completed when you have a seasoned Coordinator there to assist. This gives your photographer the ability to focus on what they do best - being creative and getting great shots.

  9. Direct your ceremony and reception flow based on the timeline, while making any necessary changes along the way

    • We love timelines. I mean, REALLY love timelines. They’re our bread and butter. But the one thing that is more important than a timeline is the flow and feel of a wedding. The last thing you want is for guests to sit at their table waiting on the next thing to happen. If things start to get a little slow, we partner with the DJ to ramp it up and keep things going so that you don’t have to.

  10. Assist your DJ to ensure that no important family members are out of the room during special events

    • It sure is hard to tell who is in the room from the DJ booth. Good thing you’ll have two Coordinators ensuring those that are closest to you aren’t in the restroom or running to grab something out of their car during your most important moments.

  11. Pass out final payments and/or gratuities

    • If you would like for us to deliver any outstanding payments or ‘thank you’ cards to your vendors, we are more than happy to assist.

  12. Coordinate your send off

    • Need bubbles passed out? Can do. Need sparklers lit? We’ve got blow torches for that. (Don’t worry, we’ve done this a hundred times!)

  13. Post-reception assistance

    • No need to have your mom and dad loading leftover food, cake, and presents into their cars. We will handle that for them! Our goal is to let you and those that are celebrating you relax and enjoy every moment. We’ve got the rest!

    • We will also ensure that any previously specified items are in your getaway car before your send-off (ex: cake, to-go food, your overnight bag, etc.)

  14. Everything in-between

    • If we tried to create a list that detailed everything we do for our couples, it would be impossibly long. Just know that we are here for you every step of the way! A good Coordinator is your biggest asset, and we can’t wait to prove it to you!